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Welcome to Brainy By Five

The purpose of this website is to aid parents, families, teachers and community members in preparing all young children, ages birth to five, for success in school and in life. This website provides information regarding quality early childhood care and educational programs in Columbia, Montour, Northumberland, Snyder and Union Counties and is brought to you by the Local Education and Resource Network - LEARN Teams in this five-county region.

Where can you find FREE fun family events? Where can you get information about quality early learning opportunities for your children? Where can you get materials to help your child get on the road for a successful education? From your LEARN Team! Local Education and Resource Network (LEARN) Teams are groups of people in every county throughout Pennsylvania who work together to ensure that quality early learning opportunities are available for all Pennsylvania families. They host family-friendly events, hold information sharing meetings, provide early learning materials to families, schools and providers, and have lots of fun! Do you want to know more? Simply contact your LEARN Coordinator to discover how you can take advantage of all that the LEARN Team can provide!